215/Comm Cultural Changes Inside Worldwide Telecommunications Essay

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Worldwide Telecommunications Inc.,"Cultural Change" ROUGH DRAFT #1 215/COMM October 12th, 2014 Mary Carrington Cultural changes inside Worldwide Telecommunications Inc. Worldwide Telecommunications Inc., may benefit immensely from an enlarging multicultural workforce. As employees from different cultures merge as one, they learn to embrace the development of new ideas and integrate their ethical beliefs. Diversity in the workforce will have both positive and negative effects on the company's teamwork, communication skills and overall production within the company. With the encouragement of a team environment atmosphere, employees will become self-sufficient in supporting one another's values, beliefs and perspectives. Implementing a structured plan to develop a multicultural workforce will benefit the company as well as the employee. Allowing opportunities for the employee to be able to understand better and effectively communicate with customers from around the world. Implementing employee advancement programs as well as developing multi-language documentation provides not only the employee, but the company a necessary component to expand worldwide. There are many positive attributes of having a multicultural workforce. Company’s must implement a well-defined program to train a rapidly growing population of diverse employees. There is always a potential negative impact that could disturb the company's current educational structure, the communication process as well as reduce needed throughput to meet customer demand. The lack of ability to fully comprehend the logistics of the process, as well as the inability to adequately integrate several cultures within one workforce, could result in high employee turnover for the company. Although we are all born with unique and different skills, we all have one thing in common, and that is that we all communicate.

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