20th Mistakes Essay

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1. Use “that” to separate sentences. ( I feel THAT Main Street is very small. (unlike in oral speech – where it is often fine to skip “that”) ). 2. Use commas, semi-colon (sometimes colon) to separate sentences. (Otherwise, you will often have “fused” sentences. ( I smelled very tasty pizza so I entered the pizzeria called Mama Mia’s. ) 3. Check the spelling of people’s names, stores’ names, and quotes. Otherwise, your writing is sloppy and unprofessional. (Mama Mia’s – not Manma mea, or Mamamias) 4. Don’t use adjectives instead of nouns – you will need to add a noun to the adjective. I saw the beautiful in Geneseo. _I saw the beauty in Geneseo. _ Or I saw a beautiful WHAT? – street in Geneseo. 5. Some nouns are NON-COUNTABLE: food, staff, furniture _____________________ So do not use plural forms here: no “foods, staffs, stuffs, furnitures, 6. Spell out numbers from “one” to “nine”, after that you can use numbers (Nine people, 10 people). 7. I am looking forward to doING something – always use the “-ing” form in this phrase. 8. Mixed structure. There were boys ran in the playground. I saw a great singer performed on stage. 9. Use the past participle when needed. Compare to my brother, I am very shy. This was not suppose to happen. 10. Unnecessary shift in verb tense. Rhonda laughs until she cried at Seinfeld. Don was watching the great blue heron take off, then he slips and falls into the river! Karen’s in charge of finance; she will always keep her office locked. 11. Unnecessary shift in pronoun. When one considers the role of government, you’re struck by the changes. If we had known about the ozone layer, you could have banned aerosol sprays long ago. 12. Sentence fragment. a) Marie Antoinette spent huge sums on herself and her favorites. Helped bring on the French

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