20Th Century English Poetry Essay

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Lecture 46: 20th Century English Poetry Two Traditions English poetry which affected everywhere in English literature beginning has boomed in the 20th century. One of the many glories of the nation’s literature is that the twenty century boom has unusual features. Now Poetry is no longer at any time an economic revival, no one hears this can live by his pen as for example Alexander Pope, Tennyson. The greatest poet of the century who may be looking in some details, T.S Eliot was obliged to support himself as a bank clerk while writing his masterwork, The Waste Land, and in his earlier life, his daily job was a publisher. The second greatest poet of the century in my estimation, Philip Larkin, was a university librarian who wrote his verse in the evening as we cannot. There is no poet too, like the novelist Graham Greene, couldn’t describe occupation poet or take it seriously. Poetry, then, is great but it is all side lines in the 20th century English literature. Vast amounts of poetry have been produced in the 20th century. At times, we might feel some justice, and the more english populations write in their poems and reading them, so anymore might buy them. To map out the mass of 20th-century poetry, we can identify two broad streams of the period: traditional, associated with Thomas Hardy, and Modernist, associated with T. S. Eliot. I will begin with the traditional stream as I intended in the earlier lecture , speak about Victorian Hardy. As we saw in the earlier lecture on Hardy, his novel-writing ended in the mid-1890s, after which he devoted himself almost exclusively to poetry. The separate burial of his heart and his body after death tells us much about the reverence in which Hardy was held by the English. In the last of his life, he intended to be buried where he was born in England to end what he began. He was a great English writer, intended

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