208 Week 5 Final Paper

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Live or Let Die Consuelo De Leon Ethics and Moral Reasoning Shawn Lorenzen January 19, 2014 Live or Let Die I would often wonder what would drive a person so take their own life. I would say to myself, “they are a coward for not facing tomorrow”. After all, is not the saying “When you are this down, there is nowhere to go but up”? What could have been so bad and so terrible that one would rather die than have hope for a better tomorrow? However, now I understand the term “Do not judge a book by its cover”. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. These were my first thoughts when I would hear the word suicide but after paying closer attention to physician assisted suicide, I now have a different view about the illness and suffering of an indivual. On one hand, comes the illness and suffering and pain that one suffers through when diagnosed with some terminally life threatening illness. For example, let’s say you are diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Is this painful? I cannot tell you from personal experience, so therefore how can I judge when someone living with it becomes so overwhelmed with pain that they would rather die than live. Once you have reached that level of pain that there is no treatment that can help with the pain even a little, then comes the decision you face of dying. But then, comes the how to do it? Who will help? In some cases, there are physicians who have been known to help. These physicians are called physician assisted suicides. These types of physicians are the most debated ethical issues of our time (Rogatz, 2001). These doctors are not about killing, it’s about patients who can’t find relieve with treatment or medicine. The ethical oath of a doctor is to help a patient not terminate their life. After all, what can a physician do if cure is impossible and it is the wish of the patient to end

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