202 Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People

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ICW 5 Safeguarding the Welfare of CYP 3.1 Abuse can take many forms. It can happen to any child whatever their background. The four main categories of abuse are Physical. Sexual,Emotional and Neglect. Complete the table below identifying the main characteristics for each form of abuse. (It may help you to think about both physical and behavioural signs of abuse). Physical Physical Indicators - *Unexplained bruises or injuries * Has linear bruising, especially when seen on buttocks, legs, arms and back * Has injuries where children don’t normally- on face, legs, bottom or torso * Has bruising in various stages of healing especially when on different body parts * Has bruises in shape of a object, a hand, shoe, iron, stick, belt etc. * Has fading bruises or other marks noticeable after an absence from school Behavioural Indicators - * Reports injury by parent or another adult care giver * Provides difficult to believe explanations for injuries * Has difficulty sitting, complains of soreness, or moves uncomfortably * Wears clothing to cover body especially when inappropriate to weather * Reports mistreatment of animals in the home * Becomes withdrawn, aggressive or self-destructive * Is bullied or is a bully * Routinely arrives at school early or stays late * Is overly compliant, an over achiever or overly responsible * Seems frightened of the parents; appears afraid of being at home * Is always watchful and alert – as though preparing for something bad to happen * Has learning problems * Has behaviour changes just prior to going home from school or when picked up * Is wary of adult contact; changes or flinches when others get close * Chronic runaway * Engages in violent or dangerous behaviour Sexual Physical Indicators - * Reports sexual abuse by parent or another adult caregiver * Has difficulty walking or
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