2014 Individual Study Essay

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TASK Choose two texts for individual consideration. These texts may include novels, plays, anthologies of verse by single poets, or film. The critical essay, in which the two texts must be discussed in relation to each other, allows students to demonstrate their ability to generate and sustain a critical opinion. When designing a question, students should consider how to demonstrate a critical understanding in their examination of the texts. Length: maximum 2000 words: take-home, edited (please include word count), plus regular consultations with the teacher. Assessment Design Criteria / Performance Standards for Stage 2 English Studies | |Knowledge and Understanding |Analysis |Application |Communication | |B | | | | | | |Knowledge and understanding of the |Analysis of some complex connections |Use of a range of language skills and |Mostly fluent and precise writing and | | |ways in which authors use stylistic |between personal experiences, ideas, |techniques to create clear and coherent texts|speaking, using appropriate style and | | |features and language techniques to |values, and beliefs, and those explored in |that address the meaning and intention of the|structure for a range of mostly familiar | | |communicate complex and familiar ideas, |familiar, and some unfamiliar, texts. |task. |audiences and contexts. | |
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