2012 5 Things We Learned From Iowa Caucus Essay

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http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/04/politics/5-things-we-learned-from-the-iowa-caucuses/index.html 5 things we learned from the Iowa caucuses By Peter Hamby, CNN Political Reporter updated 6:21 AM EST, Wed January 4, 2012 Des Moines, Iowa (CNN) -- Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses by eight votes. However, Rick Santorum came out of nowhere in the course of two weeks to grab a narrow second-place finish and become the latest Republican to seize the anti-Romney mantle. So what did we learn from Tuesday's historic vote? Mojo trumps money Make no mistake: Money mattered in Iowa. Do the New Hampshire primaries matter? Romney congratulates Santorum Santorum ready to take on Romney in NH Gingrich thanks Iowa despite negativity Newt Gingrich was torpedoed by a barrage of negative ads and mailers from Ron Paul's campaign and "super PACs" backing Mitt Romney. But money can't buy you Iowa. After he stumbled badly in several debates, Rick Perry tried to right the ship by dumping more than $4 million into a wave of television ads in Iowa. Some were positive, some were negative. But all that television spending bought him only 10% of the caucus vote (about 12,600 votes). That's almost $350 per vote. Rick Santorum, meanwhile, spent about $30,000 on television ads and won about 30,000 votes. Do the math. For Santorum, momentum and lucky timing were more valuable than paid media. Romney's ceiling isn't getting any higher The importance of Romney's win in Iowa -- the closest caucus vote in history -- should not be understated. Paul honors 'those who believe' Perry: Will reassess my path forward Bachmann on to New Hampshire Who are you electing in 2012? His Iowa team, led by veteran operative David Kochel, ran a sneaky and near-flawless campaign. With his first-place finish, Romney can put to rest the

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