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Introduction The 2010 Institute Of Medicine and along with the partnership of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has put forth a landmark report focusing on the future of advancement in nursing . Ensuring that being the largest part of the medical profession nurses are given a chance to play a active part in redesigning the future of our nations healthcare reform .As per the 2010 IOM report it is time to look ahead ,a time to consider and a time to implement meaningful advancements in this drastically changing world of healthcare. The IOM has been involved in constant research and data collection for decades in bringing forth these changes to improve the quality and safety by focusing on three important aspects ,transforming nursing…show more content…
To meet the requirements of this report I have already taken the first step fo getting my baccalaureate degree and there by taking an effort to widen my knowledge and skill level. Secondly involving myself in unit based research and data collection an focusing on evidence based practice. Thirdly improving and utilizing my leadership ability and continuing to learn by participating in continuing education . I believe that changes should start from lower to the higher level. The 2010 IOM report also puts a light on the importance of nurse as a leader . Nurses should take part and act as full partners in redesigning the future of health care with physicians and others in the health care team. Be accountable for the care delivered and efforts to improve at all levels to avoid and prevent errors from happening. Today we need more nurses as leaders in fields of policy making advisory boards to local and federal levels and in legislative levels ,to bring forward ideas to improve health care system and there by ensuring the safety and health of our patient and community…show more content…
One might think that this report was based on improving health care by only reforming nurses but in turn it focuses on nursing being a significant role player and a large part of the health care team ,so by reforming them IOM intends to strengthen the infrastructure of health care as a whole .Thereby securing a brighter and safer future for our patients and

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