201 Work Task B Essay

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ask B your work role Bi: The terms and conditions set out in my work contract are as follows Commencement of Employment, Position, Professional Registration, Criminal Disclosure, Employee Handbook, Probationary Period, Place of Work, Pay, Deductions, Pension, Hours of Work, Break Entitlement, Overtime, Time Recording, Short Time Working and Lay Off, Holiday Entitlement, Absence Reporting, statutory Sick Pay, Notice, Garden Leave, Disciplinary Procedure, Disciplinary and Dismissal Appeals, Grievance Procedure, Health and Safety, Private Vehicle Use, Company Equipment, Confidentiality, Post-Termination Restrictions, Inventions and Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Changes to Terms of Employment and Acknowledgement. Bii: My payslip needs to have the amount of hours I have worked for the previous month, the amount I have been paid, the amount of tax I have been paid and the amount of national insurance that has been paid. My wage slip should also have my Employee number, my tax code, national insurance number, and national insurance code and PAYE reference. Biii: Personal information I must report to my employer are change of address details and change of bank details. Biv: If I have a grievance at work I am encouraged as an employee to settle any grievances informally with my manager. If I feel that I need to report a grievance formally I need to put it into writing and give to my manager. If I feel that the grievance I have reported formally has not been dealt with appropriately I have a right to appeal to the decision that has been made. Bv: Data Protection: In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 it is necessary for the company to maintain personal data which is only processed for the purpose of my employment Grievance: The company encourages employees to settle grievances informally with their manager. If, however, you have a

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