2009 Attack On U.S. Army Post, Fr. Hood Essay

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Running head: 2009 ATTACK ON U. S. ARMY POST, FT. HOOD 2009 attack on U. S. Army Post, Ft. Hood 2009 attack on U. S. Army Post, Ft. Hood Description of the attack In recent years, U.S has experienced increased terrorism related attacks or attempts on its soil with much of these been organized by radical Muslim groups opposed to the country’s continued military operations in Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and Afghanistan (Clark, 2010). Among the most notable ones is the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood, a U.S military camp located in Texas and which is considered to be the most populated military base in the world. The attack occurred on November 5, 2009 and was carried out by a U.S Army major with a specialty in dealing with mental disorders. The officer, identified as Nidal Malik Hasan, is reported to have opened fire on his fellow colleagues killing thirteen of them and injuring 43 others. I2 of those killed were U.S soldiers with the remaining individual been a civilian (McCann, 2006). The suspect had two handguns though investigations later revealed that only one gun was used to purport the killings. It is reported that, a police sergeant named Mark Todd was the one who constrained the suspect by shouting him on the shoulder and then handcuffing him when he fell. Why this attack classifies as a terrorist attack Though there were increased efforts to label the attacks as an act of violence rather than a terrorist activity including one from the U.S president Mr. Barrack Obama, several aspect bring the indication that there was a link between the shooter and a well-known and established radical group operating in Middle East. The first one is that of Mr. Hasan’s background as he has a Palestinian descent though he is an American citizen. Palestine has over the years continuously criticized the U.S on the basis of its stance in relation to the

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