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Name: ____Xin Gu_____________ Section: AD03_ Section TA: ____Ben Johnson WS 187 Analytic Essay Proposal Proposal due - Friday, Oct. 31 (80 points) Develop a proposal for your essay due Nov 21 (must be typed). For questions 4-6, please reply in complete sentences in prose form. 1. Which newspaper did you follow? USA Today 2. What is the topic of your essay? i.e., what theme/topic links the articles you have chosen to focus on? Race and sexuality are two of issues that were talked about among many other discrimination issues during 2008 Presidential election . With many more first time voters coming these two issues has became the most talked about and discussed. 3. Which 3-5 articles have you chosen to focus your essay on? a. How Obama can bridge nation’s racial divide b. 2 men accused of planning massacre including Obama c. Anti-gay crimes up d. Record turnouts could affect same-sex marriage ban e. Californians go to ‘war’ over proposed gay marriage ban 4. Write a paragraph explaining your main argument. (In this paragraph suggest what some of the main points of your essay will be.) Being a black man Obama has not only been facing racism towards him but racism as an issue all over united states. Issues like racism and sexuality, also having a black man running for office. Many new young voters are coming out to vote. Now we have Obama running for office I believe there is a great chance he can bring us one step closer to end racism, and the solution to gay marriage. 5. Do your articles support this argument? How and why? Yes, because 3 of my articles talked about how racism has became a big issue in this campaign and how it affect Obama and the threats has he has received. And the two other articles talks about how homosexuals are fighting for their rights. 6. How do you address issues of intersectionality

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