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2001 Ap Us History Dbq Essay

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  • on April 23, 2012
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Eisenhower’s administration was to a somewhat large extent successful in addressing Cold War fears after World War II through attempts at promoting capitalism and preventing the spread of communism. The end of the Second World War put many American citizens in fear. Some of the fears addressed by Eisenhower were mass hysteria, the Kremlins affect on our people, depression and keeping the economy up. (doc a)

Communism was a huge fear at this time, and the secretary of state, John Dulles was able to help with this problem during Eisenhower’s presidency. His major concern was the spread of communism in America. He believed that America will have to make more sacrifices in order to stop the expansion, and to make sure that they can never get control of any complete state.(doc b) Dulles would have pushed them as far as he could knowing that they would just back down because of our nuclear abilities. With all this fear after the war people began setting up their own bomb shelters that were stocked up and ready to go incase anything happened. Schools and government buildings started to build them as well as defense programs in the schools.(Doc C) This all really started when the soviets started to have atomic and hydrogen bombs.
One of the programs Eisenhower was able to provide to help with the nations security was the public law 627. This was signed on June 29th 1956 and included the development of the interstate highway system. This allowed more people to move and get around the country a lot easier. Besides from all the economic benefits of the highways, it would allow easy routes for troops to get to either a city under attack or just to bring supplies around. It also served as an escape route for people who had to get out of a certain area.(Doc D) At this time the presidents big focus was missile programs and ways to be able to retaliate if needed. Even though this was good to help relieve some of the fear, other programs such as welfare took the hit for it....

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