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The 2000 Presidential Election By: Tim Suda 10-26-07 T.R. Smith The 2000 election between George W. Bush and Albert A. Gore, was one of the most hard fought and Close elections in our countries history. Not only would a sole states vote be counted again and again, but in the end it Would be up to the United States senate to decide the outcome. The 2000 presidential election was one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States. Many candidates of the Democratic Party "tested the waters," but in the end, only two candidates were serious in entering the contest. The two candidates were vice president Al Gore from Tennessee, and Bill Bradley, former senator From New Jersey. Gore already had a strong…show more content…
He also took Ohio, Indiana, and most of the Midwestern Farming states and most of the states around the Rocky Mountains. Vice president Gore met George Bush by winning the northeastern United States with the exception of New Hampshire. Gore also won most of the states in the upper Midwest. Plus the pacific coast states including California. As The night progressed a handful of less important states were extremely close in voting for a winner, but it soon became Clear that the winner would rely solely in the hands of the voters in Florida. As morning rolled around, the national votes were added up and it revealed that Bush had won 246 Electoral votes. While Gore won a total of 255 electoral votes. Two states, New Mexico and Oregon were still to close To determine a winner. The media focused their attention mainly on Florida, knowing that whoever won Florida, would for sure win the whole election. But there was a problem with the counting, due to "chads," an insufficient way of voting where voters Punch a hole through a piece of paper indicating who they voted for. These pieces of paper would then be ran through
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