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STUDENTS: Please add explanations, thumbnail pictures, and links as appropriate... James Madison-Much narrower in his interests than Jefferson but in many aspects a deeper thinker, honor meant a lot to him. Came to power during a difficult time where there was constant warfare between European countries. Tried to solve United States problems with Britain and France but was no more effective than Jefferson. Eventually went to war with Britain in the War of 1812.-Nicole Scapicchio Non-Intercourse Act- The Non-Intercourse Act forbid trade only with Great Britain and France, it also authorized the president to end the boycott against either power by proclamation when and if it stopped violating the rights of Americans. -Claire Oswald Macon’s Bill No. 2- It authorized the president to reapply the principle of nonintercourse to either Britain or France if the other should "cease to violate the…show more content…
In the Monroe Doctrine America unilaterally closed all new colonization in the Western Hemisphere. Also it opposed any interference in Latin America and stated that they will not be involved in European affairs. This document perfectly described American wishes although they did not have the power to enforce them. -Brendan Lawler “Era of Good Feelings” A period of time during Monroe's presidency (1816-1824) when the country was "united and prosperous" and the world was finally at peace. James Monroe was "a person of good feeling" and during his presidency the issues of previous years (Federalist opposition, problems with trade as a result of conflicts with Europeans, ect.) seemed to disappear. Early in his first term, Monroe visited New England, a region known for its opposition, and he was warmly welcomed and celebrated. There was a sense of unity and during this time Jefferson and Adams restored their friendship. -Marina
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