20's And 50's Essay

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The 20’s were categorized as the time that America lost its innocence. This was the time that the social scene became really liberal while the government was still really conservative. For example, the Scopes Monkey Trial, a schoolteacher tried to teach her students about evolution but it went against religion and creation, which was illegal at the time. It became the “test case” for laws being passed against teaching evolution. William Jennings Bryant, the prosecutor, was completely embarrassed by the defense attorney, Clarence Darrow. However, Scopes was still found guilty, which made everyone aware of the changing mindset. The economy in the 1920’s boomed significantly after World War I because our allies would come to us to buy war materials. There was also a consumer revolution, which boosted our economy as well. Henry Ford helped to “put our country oh wheels.” He made cars affordable for most of America. Over 15 million of his cars, the model T’s, were built overtime. He also began the assembly line, which decreased the time it took for production, which allowed the prices to decrease significantly. With Henry Ford being so successful, General Motors started having some troubles staying in business. To stay in business they started a credit company, it allowed consumers to pay with down payments, and soon the idea of consumer credit caught on throughout the industry. The Federal Highway Act of 1916 also triggered America’s economy. The government started taxing gasoline in order to build roads throughout the country. This also led to mass advertising and eateries on the highway. The economy really prospered in the 1920’s. Mass entertainment and Hollywood were very popular throughout the 20’s. Actors such as Harold Lloyd became icons and were idolized by the public. Lloyd was a comedy actor and businessman who wore glasses. He was from the farmlands and

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