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20 Year Prediction Essay

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One of the most popular applications in the world of technology is currently the newly released IPhone 5s. The IPhone 5s has provided the fast paced human race with the ease of applications aiding in fields such as; navigation, finding a place to eat, or just playing games with your friends and family. The IPhone was first released in 2007 by Apple. The company CEO, Steve Jobs, has taken full advantage of being the first company to put in so many useful tools into a single mobile device. The IPhone was one of the most hyped releases ever to hit stores, with thousands camping outside to buy it at Apple and AT&T stores nationwide.
20 years from now the iPhone may or may not exist but cell phones in general will be so advanced that we won’t need some of the resources we use today. For example, navigation in the world today is pretty basic. You either have a map, a GPS, or you can just use your more advanced phone like the iPhone. 20 years from now we will not have GPS’s that you can put in your car and we will for sure not have anyone pulling out a map to find out where they need to go. In 20 years our navigation will be so advanced that we may be able to see people moving on the street or doing their everyday things from our phones. Of course there would be some privacy issues but that shouldn’t be a problem to handle.
Wi-Fi is one of today’s most popular applications of phones due to the mobile internet access without the hassle of using your data and bringing up your phone bill. Wi-Fi is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves. Will we really need it in 20 years? Probably not due to an IP Multimedia Subsystem. What is an IMS exactly? IMS or IP Multimedia Subsystem is a system that allows someone to connect to the internet anywhere by connecting to a random IP address that has an internet connection. It will be very useful and will not use data.
All the talk about phones...

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