2 Unit Religion Notes Essay

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STUDIES OF RELIGION HSC NOTES MODULE 1: Religion and belief systems in Australia post 1945 Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualities Aboriginal spirituality as determined by the Dreaming Issues for aboriginal spiritualities in relation to * The effects of dispossesion * The land rights movement Discuss how aboriginal spirituality is determined by the dreaming * Kinship * Ceremonial life * Obligations to the land and people Kinship * Describes biological and non biological relationships * Complex system of family relations (core to the indigenous kinship systems) * Define where a person fits into the community * Defines roles and responsibilities * How aboriginal society is organised * The dreaming is different for each kinship group * As are the totems, the traditions and customs * The dreaming is NOT homogenous (different for each group) * Ceremonial life * Enactment of the dreaming * There are rite of passage such as initiation, death and burial and periodic ceremonies unconnected with the life style and performed at various intervals or for a variety of reasons * Art * Important way on communicating, illustrating the actions of the ancestoral beings * Have different levels of meaning * Stories * Dreaming is primary expressed through stories * Important tool for the socialisation of aboriginal children * Major way of teaching right from wrong * Rituals * Understood as a moment of reliving in the present moment the creative acitivities of the ancestor spirit * Totems * Embodiment of an individual in his/her primordial state = represent that person as they existed in the dreaming. * Animal * Plant * Natural phenomena * Carry ceremonial responsibilities commonly known as balance rites Obligations to

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