2 Million Minutes Essay

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2. a) b) I think the U.S. educational system is actually getting worse, but also other countries are getting higher educational standards. The U.S. doesn't make their students competitive enough unlike China and India. They don't put the student's life's at stake if they don't get into college, because the U.S. provides other ways to live on. For example, if you don't get into college you can still start your own business or work at McDonald's and no is going to shame you, but in China and India, there is poverty and so working at such standards is unacceptable and shameful, especially in China. 3. a) My dad has actually noticed this trend. Whenever he calls Dell or Vonage, he is never actually getting customer support from anyone here in the U.S. but someone who is ironically from India or any Asian country. . I do expect this trend to continue, because the U.S. is already far behind in technology. The U.S. doesn't even create its own products anymore, they are all made in China. The U.S. is unable to spur in technology, because of the debt we are in now. The U.S. had about a 14 trillion dollar debt now. They cannot spend any more money and so they cannot gain leadership in any category of development. b) I definitely know that U.S. students aren't generally prepared to compete with most students from China and India. All the competitions out there like the Scripps National Spelling Bee and the Intel National Science Fair have Indian and Chinese kids winning in them, not Americans. The reason for that is the parents of those students grew up in native China or India and so they trained their kids minds to be similar to the average student in India or China. If American kids can't already compete with students who are of Indian or Chinese origin who grew up here in the U.S., than there is no way they could compete with the rigorous and competitive students

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