2 Londons: Blake and Wordsworth Essay

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The center of the world, the great capital of Britain; London was a popular topic for many Romantic artists. But many artists had many different views toward the city of London, such as William Blake and William Wordsworth; two of the greatest Romantic poets, they had totally contradicting views of the city of London. William Blake’s “London” was first published in 1794 and Wordsworth’s “Composed upon Westminster Bridge, 1802” was first published in 1807. The two poems are so contradicting, that two poems seemed to be written about two different cities. In Wordsworth’s “Composed upon Westminster Bridge, 1802,” Wordsworth presents the city of London as a beautiful, magnificent, and energetic place with full of life, almost presenting the city as a paradise. Meanwhile, William Blake’s “London” represents the city as dark, passive, and lifeless place, almost presenting the city of London as a hell. As it is simply understood, the two poets had very contrasting ideas of the city of London. William Wordsworth tried to share the readers with wondrous image of the city, meanwhile, William Blake tried to share the readers with an idea that London was a city of evil with unconditioned social values. How and why did Wordsworth and Blake have such a contracting views of the city? What are the differences in these poems that we could see as special elements that defined these artists? Starting with William Wordsworth who was born in 1770 to a family of legal representative of 1st Earl of Lonsdale, near the mountains of Cumberland by the Lake District of England; which presented Wordsworth’s childhood with full of marvelous nature, that helped Wordsworth to grow his fascination toward nature. Because of Wordsworth’s family background, Wordsworth was able to receive former education. Wordsworth’s parents died when he was still a young boy and after his parents death,
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