2 Day Training Session Plan - How to Sell More Widgets

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2 Day Training Session Plan - How to Sell More Widgets J. B. Widgets Company is a national manufacturing company that began manufacturing and selling widgets at the turn of the 20th Century only to expand exponentially due to the rise in demand for widgets by the United State’s military during World War I and World War II. Although business continued to grow through the years by expanding into 15 states, the company has recently seen a decrease in the sales of widgets. Based on a memo from J. B. Widget’s CIO, Chuck Ponce, the company believes that the need for widgets is still viable and that he believes that with an aggressive marketing tactic and sales force training, the demand and sales of widgets should increase to its original levels and beyond. This project plan shall address the need to develop a 2 day training session for all sales personnel in the company’s headquarters city of Tampa, Florida. The training session will allow the participants to acknowledge sale technique deficiencies, how to correct deficiencies, current sales techniques, the art of closing the sale and product knowledge updates. These modules among others will allow the J. B. Widget’s sales force to increase sales and meet company sales goals. The below project plan Figure 1, will outline the entire project from its inception to its end. The plan will show how the participants will be notified and RSVP’s tracked along with finding and booking a facility that can satisfy all training and participant’s needs. Figure 1 – 2 Day Training Session Project Plan Figure 2 below, represents the project budget and does not include the costs that the company will incur from bringing in national sales force. The sales force shall use his or her company card to charge all airfares, car rentals and hotel costs. The sales force shall then submit an expense report that shall be reviewed

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