2 Components of an Effective Teacher Essay

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Teaching is both an art and a science. There are many components that make up an effective teacher, the two components I have chosen are differentiation and feedback. Differentiating is an overarching term for a teacher’s flexibility and adaptability in a classroom; I believe that this is an art form and something that is hard to learn. Feedback, when given in an appropriate and structured way can also make a teacher very effective. I think feedback falls into the science category as it is something that can be studied and researched. In this essay I will explore both components and reflect on how I can use the information to make me a more effective teacher. Wiseman and Hunt (2014) List flexible teaching as a key component of an effective teacher. As a future teacher, and reflecting on my personal experiences at school, I feel that a teacher’s level of flexibility is heightened and tested during every lesson of every day. Knowing the content is crucial, but a teacher must also be able to adapt that content to the spread of capabilities in the room. One characteristic in most schools is that the spread of capabilities matches the number of the year, meaning that a year five class may have abilities ranging from level seven down to level three. (John. Hattie, 2012) Providing the same learning method, to all students within the same time frame does not provide a suitable learning opportunity for the range of abilities in our classrooms (Arends & Kilcher, 2010) This means that as a teacher my planning must include features that lower levels can understand and challenges for higher levels. As well as being flexible in developing content for capabilities, effective teachers are adaptable. They understand that children learn in different ways through different learning styles and adapt content accordingly(Block, Crochet, Jones, & Papa, 2012).. Traditionally

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