2.3 Social Model Of Dementia

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DEM 201 1.3 Due to Dementia been a wide vast illness many different categories it can be confused with an individual has having depression, delirium and memory impairment, due to depression which could makes the individual lack appetite, isolation and non-commutative as well as an individual could be delirious due to medication side effects or other related illness and memory impairments could just be down to a stroke, low IQ or just getting older. DEM 201.2 2.2/2.3 Social model of dementia is a vast category of all different types of illness which is vascular, korsakoff, Huntington’s , frontal-temporal dementia, picks etc. Dementia is viewed in today’s society as a disability due to the individual been memory impaired, they can’t make…show more content…
Stage two speeches become limited person becomes incontinent, needed 24 hour care, no memory skills, still walking out in the community. Stage three. Wheelchair bound and bed bound soft diet risk of choking; no memory cognitive skills end of life pathway all the conitions listed above brings this individual into a disability category. Vascular Dementia is a dementia where an individual will have experienced a brain haemorrhage or a blood clot; this causes the individual to suffer a stroke which the person will be paralysed left side and will get words mixed up yes/no please/thank you etc. This individual is a disability category due to rehabilitation is required (speech therapy). All people are assessed as an individual depending on needs, risks and…show more content…
Usually common in the old age generation, the individual will have no insight in the situation around them and will only have memories of post events, they will also forget family and friends. Alzheimer’s disease is at least partly hereditary meaning that it tends to run in families. In this disease abnormal protein deposits in the brain destroying cells in the area of the brain that controls memory and mental function. Alzheimer’s disease is not reversible and no known cure exists however certain medication can slow down

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