2.11 Government and Politics K12 Essay

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Practice Federal State Local Answer the following questions about federal, state, and local governments. Directions: Answer each of the following questions with a brief essay. (8 points) 1. What level of government do you think should be in charge of security from foreign enemies? Write a paragraph explaining why this level of government is most appropriate. Answer: I think Federal government, since national security involves the country as a whole. The federal gov is better at being able to provide services and security for the whole country; it would be chaotic if each state instigated their own security measures with some states being richer and better armed while other states lag behind in security measures. The federal gov is able to even out these inconsistencies and provide protection to all states equally since after all, the US is a country, not a string of segmented territories. (8 points) 2. What level of government should you depend on for sanitation in your neighborhood? Write a paragraph explaining why this level of government is most appropriate. Answer: I think the community should address local Gov. Local problems simply, because it is more efficient that way. If the federal gov had to deal with every little problem in some neighborhood in the country on top of it's current responsibilities, it would take decades just to get a small road fixed. Also, sanitation laws can be different for each state and area so local governments who are most familiar with those laws can deal with them accordingly. (14 points) 3. Are there any jobs that you think should be switched among federal, state, and local governments? Why? Answer: In my opinion, I believe that the states job which would be “spending money for the general welfare” should be a federal governments job because the whole country should have a right

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