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Canada: The Forgotten Border in the war on drugs Trevor Davis ENG 122 Louise Becker Sep 7, 2012 United States Army v United States Air Force Two brothers are members of the United States Armed Forces. Just like my now retired parents were. One chose the United States Air Forces, the other the United States Army. As you can imagine this caused many a debate about which branch of the Armed Services is better, even though both of the respected military branches have their pros and cons. Attempting to compare their differences between the two is a challenging task. The United States Army has been around since June 14, 1775. Back then it was known as the Continental Army. It is the main the main branch of the United States Armed Forces. It has reported force of 1,129,283 as of fiscal year 2010. That is broken down into 567, 984 Active personnel and 567, 299 Reserve and National Guard. The United States Army has always had to the tip of spear. Meaning that during every major conflict our country has been in; the Army has been the major part of the combat force. The Army is land based so it goes without saying that is its strength. They do not possess the surgical precision for air strikes like the Air Force does. This comes in very handy to the Army. Especially when they need close air support and their (Army) helicopters, which consists of AH (Attack Helicopter)-64 Apache Longbow attack helicopters and UH (Utility Helicopter)-60 Black Hawks, cannot always provide that. Even with the implementation of other rotary wing aircraft such as the OH (Observational Helicopter)-58D and the CH (Cargo Helicopter)-47 Chinook. The Army still requires assistance from the Air Force. The United States Air Force has not been around as long as the United States Army. During World WAR II it was called the United Stated Army Air Force. It did not become the US Air Force until

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