1st Amendment Essay

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Jonathon E. Hutson Instructor H. Dawson Govt. 2305.503 March 17, 2012 Texas v. Johnson . In 1984 a political protest was taking place during the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas. One of the protestors was Gregory Lee Johnson , a member of a group which promoted Communism, called the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade. Demonstrators marched through the downtown streets and chanted slogans. Once the protestors reached City Hall , Johnson doused an American flag with kerosene and set it on fire. While the flag was burning demonstrators shouted slogans such as “America, the red, white, and blue, we spit on you.” and “Reagan, Mondale, which will it be? Either one means World War III.” No one was hurt or injured during the demonstration but many who watched the flag burning were extremely offended. Johnson was arrested and charged with violating
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