19th Century Immigrants

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So many people are now migrating to the United States. Not only now but back to the beginning of time. Many different ethnicities of people had problems in their own country. By coming to the Unites States they thought all their problems would be solved because it involved more freedom, and more opportunities for jobs to help support their family. Coming to the United States wasn’t as easy as they thought, they need jobs, food, shelter and money. Several new machines were being built to make the work easier which meant less jobs. Immigrants that came from Europe usually stopped at New York and that was the end of their trip. But for other it was harder, they wanted to be somewhere besides New York. The way they got here was typically on boat…show more content…
Between the end of the Civil was and 1910 over 25 million people entered the U.S. They all came from different parts of Europe, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Lithuania and Romania. Because there was so many immigrates more schools and churches started developing and the churches were of different religions. Many immigrants would pass through Ellis Island, where many of them stopped and also where the Statue Of Liberty is. In 1880 in New York City most of the people didn’t even speak English. Many owners of the factories and farms had it easy because they didn’t have to pay immigrants as much, like it is now. Chinese immigration started because they came to the United States for economic reasons. They also wanted to find gold in California like everyone else. In fact the only Chinese was just really the male no families or anyone. There was about one quarter of Chinese people living in California by 1880. 15,000 Chinese laborers worked on the railroad that connects from Sacramento to the Union Pacific railroad. There was many immigrants that had to pass by Ellis Island around 12 million in 1892 and 1954. The first immigrant to pass by Ellis Island was Annie Moore and 15 year old from Ireland. Once the immigrants would get off the ship/boat doctors would check by the way they looked and acted to see if they had any illnesses. Ellis Island connects with Liberty State Park now and it’s a

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