19th Century Imperialism Essay

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Imperialism had both positive and negative aspects during the 19th century. The positive aspects include the construction of railway systems along with the construction of shipyards. Both of these improved the trade market by expanding the areas and resources available for trade. Improvements were also made in both medicine and education. One of the most positive aspects of imperialism was that slave trade diminished greatly. The negative aspects were also readily apparent. Even though improvements were made, equality and freedom were still unachieved, creating a discontent that persisted among the different societal classes. Another negative aspect was that during this time, both cultural and religious beliefs were challenged. The industrial gain seen in the urban areas during this time had negative effects on the rural inhabitants. While the urban cities saw improved living conditions, the rural inhabitants experienced a decrease in land ownership, thus a decrease in revenue. Imperialism can be seen today in the interactions between the United States and Iraq. The United States attempted to overthrow Hussein’s regime in Iraq with an invasion. Although unable to obtain control for many years, once the United States gained control of Iraq, it had multiple jobs to do. In order for the citizens of Iraq to be able to move forward and prosper, the United States would have to show them how to rebuild, be independent, and become self-governing. While ridding Iraq of Hussein’s dictatorship, many individuals still objected to the United State attempt to help. Today, there is still dissention among individuals in Iraq and the people that govern
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