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Myishia Smith HIS 211 11-17-11 Reforms of the 19th Century The Mid nineteenth century America was marked by a period of extraordinary social reforms. Boundaries began to expand westward, as the northern economy began to turn towards a more industrialized society while the southern economy continued growing cotton as their main crop. In a time that was very susceptible to rethinking and reevaluating, people began to question the lifestyle that they had accepted in their society for years. Dozens of reform movements were formed to combat problems such as slavery, women’s rights, religion and alcoholism. The mid nineteenth century reform was very much a reality; it impacted many faces and aspects of lives in the mid nineteenth century, and that affects us today (Henretta & Brody, 2010). The anti slavery movement began as an effort to free slaves and then colonize them in Africa. After the country of Liberia was formed by colonization activists, they came into the realization that it was impossible to transport millions of slaves across the ocean. William Lloyd Garrison had redefined the anti slavery movement. He was the loudest voice for immediate emancipation and manumission on slaves. Garrison was a stark abolitionist who believed that slavery was morally wrong, and that he could convince others to his beliefs through moral suasion. Garrison’s efforts concentrated on how slavery was damaging for black society, who he claimed were equal to whites. His weekly publication, the Liberator, urged for an immediate end to slavery and preached for equal rights of black and white people. As well as being the most notorious exponent of immediate emancipation, he also stood firmly against the idea of colonization of slaves in Africa (Henretta & Brody, 2010). The issue of women’s rights was brought to light, while being compared to the situation of African

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