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In 1984, by George Orwell, exposes the protagonist Winston, who lives a double life to avoid living under the control of “The Party.” The double life he is living caused him take caution with every move he makes and to think over every decision. As Winston refuses to comply with the governments rule his double life becomes more of a struggle to live and he is eventually found out. Once the government found out about his hatred towards the party he is detained, tortured and brain washed into believing in the party. After experiencing the endless torture from the government he is assonated by gun shot. O'Brien, who is a friend of Winston, and who is also revolting against the party by being in the brotherhood tells Winston that he will die when he loves Big Brother, mind control was the aim of the party as they would not let Winston die whilst he disliked Big Brother, but that has been achieved by the end of the novel in making Winston achieve “acceptance.” Once the party had accomplished their goal of changing Winston’s thoughts/ beliefs the party sees no need to have a person with in their society with such a past, so they go fourth with an assignation, of Winston. Winston is said to “won the victory over him self- he loved big brother (297).” Winston has won the victory, and is able to stop fighting, as he “[lies] on the floor with tears [streaming] down his face (297).” Winston is able to stop fighting to keep his double life and hatred for big brother because he is put out of his pain, by one single bullet. Winston has won, is his mind because even though he has dies he has died hating big brother. Even though Winston has confessed to love big brother he did it out of fear for his own life, he did not feel this way, making the party realize that he did not and never will show any love for big brother. Which is why the party had to kill him, for the sake of

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