1984 Reflection & Analysis

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1984 is a book about the future state of the world in which, “Big Brother,” watches and regulates everything that people believe and do. Winston Smith is a citizen in Oceania and a member of the Outer Party, he is responsible for changing historical documents to agree with the ideals of the party. Winston eventually realizes his hatred for the Party and starts having “thinkcrimes.” George Orwell’s 1984, is a haunting dystopian look into what the future could turn into. I believe Orwell is trying to warn society of the dangers of technology. For example the “Big Brother,” is able to control and hear what people are saying at all times with the “telescreen,” a screen where members of the Party are able to hear what you say and talk to you through it. I believe this could be an allusion to television and it’s manipulating affects on people. How propaganda can control what people believe and feed us ideas that we may not necessarily have believed if it not exposed to by television. What I find so haunting about this book is how applicable it is to modern society. For example the propaganda that you hear on radio and watch on the television. But, even more invasive then this is the government being able to search through your private lives. For example, the USA PATRIOT ACT that was passed in 2001. It allowed the government to limit restrictions on searching telephone, e-mail communications, and other records. What’s even worse is that after the attacks of 911 there were many citizens who supported this act. George Orwell predicted this; that citizens would care so much about safety that they would lose their individual rights and be okay with it. This is exactly what happens in the story. The Proles (proletariat) are so blinded by their need to be safe and secure that they believe everything that Party tells them. For example they might decrease the amount of food

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