1984 Job Application to the Party

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RATIONALE: A job application letter to work for the Party from the novel 1984 shows what is in the mind of a Party worshiper. The way in which this task relates to 1984 is through the ability I will have to apply historical background and facts, information given by the Party even if it may or may not have been modified or invented by the Party itself. Those who commit thought crime –the worst crime to be committed- are another reference to be used in order to resemble them as a negative aspect of the society of Oceania, something that could be considered respectful to the Party. The fact that the text will be composed of Newspeak as much possible, gives more relevance and realism to the application, due to the way in which it represents that additional commitment to learning the language the Party has been trying to integrate within the Oceania society. As this is a job application, the audience for this task would be the Party superior members or perhaps Big Brother himself. The purpose would be to try persuading these members of the Party to see, in this case, me as a candidate that is good enough to deserve being part of the community they belong in; so in some way, the Party may try to find a candidate that has what they can see in themselves. The way in which this job application differs to other regular ones is the fact that the Party doesn’t care if you are smart, or strong, or naïve, or weak; they only care about knowing how loyal and worshiping can you be to the Party. Whereas a regular job application letter requires mostly a listing of productive or prestigious activities that you have been involved in and in knowing the ways in which your contribution to their, e.g. company, helps make it better. In the case of a job application letter for the Party, if they detect the slightest indication of disapproval or doubt in the perfection of the Party,

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