1984 George Orwell Analysis

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Firstly, by analyzing the structure of the text, a very strong link between the paragraphs can be seen. The first paragraph sets the seen by making the reader begin to feel the tense and cold environment that people in London had to live in. The author does that by using a lot of adjectives such as “swirl of gritty dust” and pathetic fallacy such as “a bright cold day” and “the vile wind”. This helps the reader to sense the harsh life that people had to endure during 1984. By having a look at the second paragraph we can notice that George Orwell emphasizes the first paragraph by bringing in the sense of smell as “boiled cabbage and “old rag mats”. This makes the reader picture the daily routine of someone living in that epoch and how hard it must have been. The protagonist of the story is also introduced as well as the party figure. The second paragraph therefore gives more explanation of how Winston’s routine was and the third paragraph is even more specific. The reader gets a very straight idea that Winston’s life was very difficult and that there was no such thing as freedom. We can see that when it says “there was no way of shutting it of completely” when making reference to the telescreen. The paragraphs are filled with long descriptive sentence, which gives a low pace to the extract thus enhancing the agonizing and painful life that Winston had to tolerate. Secondly, by analyzing the content of the extract, we can strongly see Orwell’s purpose: to demonstrate how terrifying it would be to live in a totalitarian society, where there is no such thing as liberty, autonomy and freedom. Orwell makes his intention clear by using the caption “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” and by stating “it was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move.” When reading this, the reader is instantly filled with a sense of suffocation.
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