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Blake Fealy Mr. Clayton Senior College English 5/15/11 Controlling A Population “The mind is everything. What you think is what you become” (Buddha). Politics is always a subject that people either try to stay away from or try to get extremely involved in. One thing that always comes up during discussions of politics is control, and how much control the government should have in society. In the book 1984 by George Orwell, a world where there is too much government control is illustrated elegantly. The novel eloquently lays out that: the human mind can be easily controlled by a totalitarian government in order to manipulate it’s own citizens through fear, lack of education, and alteration of the past. Ingsoc from the beginning had fear set in through the European country of the United Kingdom. Ingsoc took control violently and set fear in party members and other citizens from the beginning. An physical example of fear was the telescreens that the government put in every room of the country. The telescreen was a device that “received and transmitted” both sound and video “simultaneously” (Orwell 6). The telescreen created a huge fear within the futuristic society. It also was also a basic tool, even acting as an alarm clock and a woman would get on the screen and telling all that it is “getting-up time for office workers”, thereby proving the huge invasion of privacy that the telescreen gave the government, making solitude and secrecy unattainable. In order to police the actions on the telescreen, the government created the thought police. The thought police have a full reign of control over what happens in the society depicted by Orwell, the thought police could easily “vaporize [someone]” and make sure they would “become an unperson,” before anyone would ask what happened to them. The thought police helped to articulate the author’s view of the impact

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