1984 Essay

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Sean Kelly Mrs. Delong Honors British Literature April 16, 2013 Winston continues his journey of rebellion even though he knows he will be caught because he has a physical and psychological thirst for freedom. Winston has disliked the ways of the Party for quite some time, but the first time in a while he has thought of actually rebelling. Winston does not agree with many of the Party’s rules. He hates most of all that the Party has spies and that you can be arrested by simply having a thought that is against the Party. Winston does not like that the Party is against sexual encounters and the Party believes that sex should only be used to produce children, not as a sign of love. Winston believes the Party is corrupt in how they portray themselves. For example, Winston works at the Ministry of Truth and his job is to change historical documents into a history that the Party wants people to believe in. He hates his job, but he continues to do it because if he refuses it would mean death. Winston’s thirst for rebellion is fueled even more by Emmanuel Goldstein who is the Party’s number one enemy and is the leader of the Brotherhood. Winston believes in many of the philosophies that Goldstein advocates and Winston really wants to join the Brotherhood because of this. Winston thinks of rebellion many times in the novel, but he also acts as a rebel. Winston rebels against the Party in different ways. The first time Winston actually rebels against the Party was the second he wrote in the diary. To have any thoughts or written slander against the Party is forbidden and Winston still wrote in his diary knowing this. Winston does something very risky and dangerous by renting the room above Mr. Charrington’s shop. If loyal Party members found Winston in that room, he would be taken away. Winston finally meets with Julia in Part Two and they make love right away.

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