1984 Essay

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Kayleigh Marks March 22, 2012 Jefferies pd.6 1984 Critical Essay The three slogans, Ignorance is Strength; War is Peace; and Freedom is Slavery are all used to help of controlling the people of Oceania. These doublethink ideas are used to make the citizens believe and accept the two contradicting ideas that are brought about through propaganda and enforced through the thought police. The people of Oceania are under complete control and these slogans are used throughout the novel to help with the control. Through the ignorance of the people, Big Brother gains power and strength. This idea is associated with the slogan, Ignorance is Strength. The Party controls the past, present, and future and the people are completely oblivious to this which gives the party this ability. Even party members who work with changing the records are so brainwashed that the party has complete control over them to change the records and actually have them accept the change and believe that it is true. This gives Big Brother strength because if something needs to be altered due to lack of consistency it is possible. Through the ignorance of the people to this the party is always perfect and people believe that the harsh living condition that they are in is actually luxurious because they have no standard of comparison. If they keep the people clueless of the wrongdoings of the party, they will never revolt in attempts to take over the government. This is what allows the party to rule over eighty-five percent of the population without having to deal with revolts for independence or competition for power. When Julia and Winston begin to show signs of intelligence, this is immediately becomes a threat to the party’s strength. With knowledge of how the party deceives its people, Winston and Julia then gain the power to tell other people and even join the Brotherhood to gain freedom for

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