1984 Dream Motif Essay

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Dream Motif The book 1984, by George Orwell, is about an enormous country with a totalitarian government. “Totalitarianism is domination by single, like-minded governing elite of all organized political economic, social and cultural activities by means of a single-party monopoly of power” (Johnson 1). This place is where the protagonist dwells and live, the name of this place is Oceania. The whole story sparks with a dream that Winston, the protagonist, has which featured a glimpse of “the golden city”. Orwell uses the dream to foreshadow and create a transition into the different topics Winston will go through. Winston Smith has a dream that he will end up in a place where “there is no darkness” (Orwell 22) which he names “The Golden Country”. In…show more content…
However, this is not the case. Winston actually “does indeed get here eventually – at the Ministry of Love” (Shmoop). In the ministry of truth, Winston gets tortured and forced to love Big Brother. Winston’s dream about the paradise was just a dream. This paradise has become a dreadful room where Winston gets brainwashed. On the other side of the wall of darkness is Winston’s deathly fear, rats. This factor in the book has showed what Winston was deathly afraid of. In the dream of the golden country, Winston dreams of O’Brien saying, “We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness” (Orwell 111). This is literally interpreted into the room where the light is always on. The dream has foreshadowed Winston’s future of getting to be in the place without darkness with O’Brien. The rats in this book carry a significant value of this story. Rats are what Winston is scared of, and causes the downfall of Winston. Because he was threatened with a box of rats, Winston later gives up his last aspect of humanity and individuality by betraying Julia to save his own life, which shows background information about

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