1984 Character Analysis

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1984 Character Analysis George Orwell The novel's protagonist. Winston is a quiet 39-year-old man living in Oceania in the year 1984. A Party member, Winston works at the Ministry of Truth correcting "errors" in past publications. Winston is also a young genius who has a secret hatred of the Party. To protect himself from discovery, Winston goes through the motions of outward rightfulness, but is fond of his inside world of dreams, memories and speculation about the past. Winston is married but separated, and has no children. Upon meeting Julia, he finds an outlet for his heretical opinions and for the love he yearns to share with another human being. His physical and mental health improves, and Winston starts to believe more powerfully in an established covert movement against the Party. Unfortunately, the affair is short and the couple is arrested. Winston is taken to the Ministry of Love and subjected to long torture and humiliation, which forces him to surrender. As a result of this experience, Winston loses all rebellious thoughts, gains love for Big Brother and the Party, and loses his love for Julia. In short, Winston loses his humanity. Upon his release, he is a shell of a man, yet also an ideal, loyal, and devoted Party member. A 26-year-old Party member who works in the Fiction Department of the Ministry of Truth. Julia also secretly despises the Party, but accepts its rule over her and therefore appears to be devoted to the Party's causes. Julia declares her love for Winston, thus beginning their affair and setting them down the path towards their eventual imprisonment. Unlike Winston, Julia sees life simply, and is interested only in her survival and personal rebellion against the Party - not in long-term plans for the comeback of democracy. Julia is arrested along with Winston and tortured in the Ministry of Love. When they meet again after their
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