1984 Book Report

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Part One: The Word Adventure The Word Is: Shop Page 209 Definitions: As a… noun 1: 1583 Stocker, Civ. Warres Lowe- a building or part of a building where goods or services are sold 2: 1652 Benlows, Theph- a place where things are manufactured or repaired; a workshop As a…verb 3: 1688 Holme, Amoury- go to a shop or shops to buy goods 4: 1764 Zeal, Seasonable Alarm Londen 13. note- look for the best available price or rate for something Origin: Middle English shortening of the Old French word eschoppe which means ‘lean-to booth.’ The verb is first recorded in the middle 16th century with the meaning ‘imprison’ (from an obsolete slang use of the noun for ‘prison’) Part Two: Two Paragraphs To Analyze Section 1: My Symbol A symbol that is present all though out 1984 is Big Brother, the commander and leader of Oceania. He may be the leader but no one is sure if he exists or not. No one has seen him other than on the posters and Teleprompters. Under the posters the caption reads “Big Brother Is Watching You” (2). He is there to make sure everything is safe, that everyone's lives are doing well, but most importantly to make sure no one does anything The Party doesn't like. The face of Big Brother is everywhere either “asleep or awake, working or eating, in the bath or in bed – no escape”: in posters on the walls, in the streets, on the buildings, his face is constantly flashed on the Teleprompters to remind that he is watching (41). As the leader and safe keeper, the people of Oceania look up to Big Brother and are entranced by everything he says. Also they know they are being watched so do not go out of line. This is the way The Party is using Big Brother to keep control. They know not to even think of not cooperating because, Big Brother is watching. Word Count: 197 Section 2: SDP Analyzation Short Descriptive Passage: Outside, even through the shut

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