1984 Alternate Ending Essay

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How long had he been in the Ministry of Love he did not know. Time was difficult to keep count of since the lights were always on. Winston was sitting in his cell with his eyes closed, recovering from his last session with O’Brien. He couldn’t tell how much more his body could take, because lately the meetings were becoming more painful than the other times. The image of his body reflected in the mirror was still vivid in his mind, and he could not help but think that the end was near. He thought of Julia, and where she was at this moment. What had they done to her? Was she still alive? And without thinking Winston started shouting “Julia! Julia my love!” He knew that in two minutes time O’Brien would walk into the cell with a few guards, and…show more content…
The houses were restructured to take away from the city the image of decay that the old and ruined houses were giving to the people. To just say immediately that everyone was free to do whatever they wanted would have been too much of a surprise for everyone, and mess and disaster would strike the city. After a few months of changes, the city looked nothing like it was before. Buildings were beautiful, old ruins were discovered and put in display, the four ministries were abolished and everyone dressed differently. The death of Big Brother and the start of a new government were announced. The city exploded with happiness and lived happily ever after. Even Winston had his happily ever after; one day while enjoying the sun on his face in the park, he met with Julia for the first time since they had gotten arrested. As soon as their eyes met, their feelings came alive once again, and after a few weeks they got married and had a happy life in freedom. Finally the struggle had finished. He didn’t give up and Big Brother was unable to get inside his head, and to make Winston love him. Winston held true to his values and ideals throughout his struggle and, in the end, had won the greatest victories of

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