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Amanda Colwell 09/05/14 Eng 102 Outline of 1984 • Introduction: George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel, 1984, demonstrates the difficulties of living in a community with no privacy and complete oppression of individuals. • Thesis: The novel was a product of the historical period in which it was written; this period has continued into the modern world. • The current events at the time included the growth of socialist and oppressive governments throughout the world. • Modern society demonstrates many of the oppressive qualities Orwell warned against. • Plot: The novel follow the story of Winston, the protagonist, who struggles under the oppression of his government. • The government does not allow anyone to say, do or even think rebellious thoughts. Individuals are followed everywhere by television monitors. A person never has any privacy. A person’s every word is monitored by the government. Thought police monitor what people think. Thinking against the government is considered to be the greatest sin. • Winston works for the Ministry of Truth. This agency engages in historical revisions to suit the needs of the government. Winston recognizes that the historical revisions are not accurate. He begins to seriously question his government because of these inaccuracies. • Winston begins an affair with a coworker, Julia, a beautiful brunette. • Winston and Julia are accepted into the Brotherhood, a group that wants to overthrow the government. O’Brien gives them entrance. However, O’Brien is a party spy. He trapped Winston • Winston is arrested and tortured by O’Brien. While being tortured, Winston betrays Julia. He does this when O’Brien threatens to have rats eat his face. In the end, Winston is released. He has become brainwashed into loving Big Brother. • The novel clearly represents the historical period in which

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