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Essay on 1984 by George Orwell FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF WINSTON SMITH Many different circumstances led me to becoming the man I am today, a man of the Party’s design and a typical man of Airstrip One; lover of hate, promoter of war, and adorer of Big Brother. But through everything, my life was majorly shifted three times: when I began a personal rebellion in the form of a diary, when I was handed a note by a women I would later know to call Julia, and when I was finally integrated back into society after betraying the only person I had a true connection with. The beginning of the end of the colorless, humdrum phase of my life began the day I bought a pen and diary from a junk-shop in one of the slummy quarters of town in the prole district. The shop was old and filled with delicate things of no use, but a journal caught my eye. It was past forty-years-old, yet beautiful, and though I didn’t have a specific reason for buying it at the time I decided to anyway, along with an ink pen. It later became an article that halted my previous life of compliance to the Party and society. Although I knew well enough the consequences of my hazardous actions, I proceeded anyway. I was now committing much worse than thoughtcrime, which is already an offense punishable by death. Forbidden thoughts were death, or at least 25 years in a forced labor camp. That was my pioneer act of rebellion that was not contained in my own mind. My diary entries were the beginning of a very dark, and ultimately futile, path of an unpromising life against the Party. The second stage of my rebellion was after receiving a note from a woman, which I had only had hateful thoughts toward, that said "I love you". It said only three words and yet it portrayed so much. It said that she was a fellow hater of the party and the system of government, that she wanted to meet with me and rebel together,

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