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1) In 1984 by George Orwell is about how everyday life will become in the future. Winston Smith, the main character and low ranking member of the party, lives in london which is part of the country oceania. oceania is , one of the 3 powers, society party led by big brother, which censors everyone's behavior, even their thoughts. Winston has lustful thoughts about a female co-worker named Julia. so he's caught by the thought police and gets tortured and re-educated. so at the end he accepts the party and accepts his own love for the omnipotent bis brother. 2) My favorite part is when julia slips winston a note that reads "i love you" and their covert romance begins. i liked how they found each other against the odds, and that they are able to find some comfort in such a dreary world. together, they even manage to contact O'Brien, a party insider, and learn more about the secret political resistance movement. Unfortunately, O'Brien turns out not to be who he seems and the relationship does not last long. 5) The theme is that Orwell wants to warn people what can happen when governments are given too much power. He wants to show us how such governments can develop, and what methods they use to keep the people they are governing in their power. He wrote this book because he wanna to warn the readers that there going be a dramatic change of cores in society rulered by a government with absolutely control maybe just be few decades away. He had his readers in mind when he was writing this book because he wanted his read to know if the government control everything about use it would a nightmare. 4) Winston Smith is the main character of the book. He is a member of the outer party, who lives in the ruins of london. He is uncomfortable with the society he lives in as he knows something more can exist for him. Winston works as a clerk in the records department of

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