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1984 Essay Throughout George Orwell’s 1984 Julia and Winston formed a seemingly close and loving relationship in the midst of a twisted society. The question is however, are these feelings real? All of the facts are pointing towards Julia being part of the Thought Police and helping them to catch Winston. Julia does not love Winston because no one in Winston’s society can be trusted and Julia’s questionable lifestyle. In Winston’s society nobody can be trusted. The whole society is built upon lies being told and getting the people to believe them. In a society where the past can be changed within seconds no one can be trusted. Julia is just another liar that Winston believes. Many people who Winston met throughout the book were liars and deceitful. O’Brien for one was a liar when Winston was convinced he was part of the Brotherhood. An Inner Party member, O’Brien convinced Winston he was also a member of the Brotherhood. O’Brien is the norm in the society in 1984; a liar, Not only was O’Brien out to take down Winston but so was Mr. Charrington. A kind and seemingly encouraging man, Mr. Charrington seems to share Winston’s interest in the past. He also seems to support Winston’s rebellion against the Party and his relationship with Julia, since he rents Winston a room without a telescreen in which to carry out his affair. But Mr. Charrington is not as he seems. He is a member of the Thought Police. Liars and undercover Thought Police surround Winston, so why would Julia be any different? Signs point toward Julia working with the Thought Police. She threw a shoe at a so-called rat, and discovered how deathly afraid Winston was of rats. Coincidentally when Winston was being tortured rats were used. This leads me to believe that Julia was also a liar and was in on the plan to catch Winston all along. The lifestyle Julia leads raises many questions about her motives

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