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BookRags Student Essay George Orwells Plea for Humanity For the online version of George Orwells Plea for Humanity Essay, including complete copyright information, please visit: http://www.bookrags.com/essay-2006/5/11/122843/272/ Copyright Information ©2000-2012 BookRags, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. George Orwells Plea for Humanity Essay As evolution has progressed the human species has refined its way of living to a state of being civilized. This civilisation is controlled by laws and hierarchies of power which slowly limit freedoms that citizens are born with, however can not express. The world is regulated and supervised one way or another, to the point in which these laws or government can deprive it's citizens of what is fundamental to survive. This is evident in the government depicted by George Orwell, in the novel 1984, the totalitarian government present in the book, limits their own peoples freedoms as if to have complete control over them in every way. The citizens are no longer free but enslaved; they are not even granted the right of expressing any instinct which is permanently a part of them. Orwell exaggerates this concept with civilization and characters that he builds up in the novel. 1984 is Orwell's plea for humanity's freedom. To begin with, the fact that party members are forced to conform is proof that they have no freedom. Their lives are dictated and lived according to timetables and schedules which are created because they believe it is for their benefit. They are periodically convinced of control over themselves by different authorities saying there "are no laws; citizens are free." However, they know if they venture from the norm, or do not conform to the rules of conduct, or do anything that symbols being unique they are vaporized; erased from existence. The following quotation is being said in the effort to explain

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