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Aijing Zhang English 10/ Period 7 Mr. Cruz Feb. 21st 2012 Winston is only attracted to Julia because she is a rebel Everything starts with a love note. Winston Smith is just a normal clerk who works under one of the Party Ministries. One day, he meets with Julia, a young girl who also works in Party. After she gives him an ''I love you'' note, they start a relationship. For them, it's only an act of rebelling against Party. Winston is only attracted to Julia because she is a rebel. Julia is a rebel against the party who is trying to find more party members who feel the same way. Even though she is an attractive, young woman, her rebellious mind is her most attractive quality. Winston is most attracted to her that she hates the Party as much as he does, and is also willing to stand against it. Julia’s sexual intercourse with scores of other men is one example of her standing against the party. She plans to have sex with many different party members to find release in her tedious life routine and by doing so she also increases the number of personal rebellion within the Party's regiment. After Winston and Julia done having sex for the first time, he asks her how many men she has had sex before. (page 205) 'Have you done this before?' 'Of course. Hundreds of times -- well scores of times anyway.' 'With Party members.' 'Yes, always with Party members.' 'With members of the Inner Party?' 'Not with those swine, no. But there's plenty that would if they got half a chance. They're not so holy as they make out.' His heart leapt. Scores of times she had done it: he wished it had been hundreds -- thousands. Anything that hinted at corruption always filled him with a wild hope. Julia tells Winston that she has had sex with hundreds of men. However, instead of being disgusted by hearing this, Winston seems to be very delighted by her words. He knows that

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