1984 Essay

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Create your own dystopia 4B Darkness, this is the best word to describe this dystopia. Fossil the name of a place where its pretty much always overcast, and sort of damp, that never seems to get above about 65 degrees. It is a big city, about the size of New York or so, and about twice the population, so there is a lot of people always swarming the damp, clustered dirty streets. A constant smog always hovers above the city because there is so much people and traffic in this depressing place. Most everybody in this place have dark greasy hair and are rather unfriendly. Because of so many people there is a shortage of jobs so there is a large quantity of homeless people that are not nice at all, they tend to pester pedestrians for small change so they can go buy alcohol and cigarettes. But most of the people do not ever give them anything because they hate everybody, even their own family. In fact on average there are about 40-50 fights and brawls per day. Perhaps everybody is so angry is because of the such horrible conditions, the cold, the dirty surroundings, the constant overcast weather with a lot of rain and thunder storms, and of how people there are. But there is one person that isn’t like all the others, his name is Sunny, this is the perfect name for him because he sort of brings a ray of sunshine onto everybody because he is always happy. He even tends to make unfriendly greasy local’s happy, which is very hard to do. Sunny is 34 years of age, has no family and lives by himself in a small one bedroom apartment. You might be thinking how is he happy if he lives alone is a small apartment? Well when he was 12 years old his father was drafted to fight in the global 4th war, and that is where he died, in fact every single soldier that fought for Fossil died. They lost to Wiseco, who cause Fossil to be the place that it is today. It once was a beautiful

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