1980 Miracle On Ice Hockey

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Thesis: The Miracle on Ice played a major role in boosting the morale of a torn nation and gave hope for the future of American culture. Introduction: - The years following completion of the Second World War in America were marred by economic and political problems that would erode the foundation of American culture for decades to come. With the debacle that ensued in Vietnam during the 1960’s and ‘70’s, Americans no longer had respect for or any faith in their government. To top it off the Communist expansion by Soviet Russia during these years was imminent and with this came the conspiracy of communism, as well as many other problems, within the United States government itself. America was in a recession and gave off the impression that it was no longer the superpower that was once feared and respected. It would come to the surprise of everyone that a hockey game would be the reason that fueled Americans to become excited and proud to wave the flag again. The symbols taken from the 1980 Miracle on Ice played an important role in boosting the morale of a torn nation and gave hope to the future of American culture. Headings: The effect it had on the cold war- Soviets invade…show more content…
With the stage for this monumental show down of two world powerhouses being built up, as usual by the American as well as international media, into what seemed like a continuation of the Cold War on ice. In some aspects this analogy was correct in the sense that for the past three decades the topic of controversy had always been highlighted by the differences between the Soviet Union and the Americans. The symbols of the times surrounding the game: Put this Following the
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