1980 And Rdquo Influence On American Culture

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The 1980’s was a decade of dynamic cultural influence. During the 80’s Americans learned how to blend two competing cultural mindsets into one cultural expression of American society. The generation which cultural analysts have specified as “baby boomers” (individuals born between 1945 and 1965) emerged as the primary influences and role players of the early eighties in all segments of society. While the “baby boomers” were assuming their places of leadership in the 80’s their children, known as the “baby busters,” were already generating a counter culture which challenged the accepted norms of their parents. Stuart A. Kallen states in A Cultural History of the United States that, “the…show more content…
These two decades were characterized by the nation’s involvement in the Korean War of the 1950’s and the Vietnam War of the 1960’s and early 70’s. The political and philosophical aspects of the Korean and Vietnam War, especially the Vietnam War, plunged the United States into division over whether military involvement by our nation was warranted. Through intensive debate, the seeds of resistance were sown resulting in cultural rebellions expressed in public demonstrations in cities and college campuses across the…show more content…
The 1980’s is such a decade. The sharp contrast between the colors of liberal and conservative contributions made the 80’s a decade which embraced more people and tolerated more diversity than ever before. The 80’s opened the door to the merger of cultural mindsets which we experience today in our society. We are indebted to the 80’s for preparing us for the global community in which we now live. Works Cited Bianculli, David. “How To Eclipse a Moon Man: Glitz, Not Prizes, is the Key to the VMA’s.” MTV Video Music Awards. 8 December 2005. Tribune Information Services. 1 April 2006 http://www.star.niu.edu/features/mtv_vma/index.html. Carnegy, Vicky. Fashions of a Decade – the 1980’s. New York: Facts on File, Inc., 1990. Gilbert, Adrian. A Look At Life In The Eighties. Austin: Steck-Vaughn Company, 2000. Kallen, Stuart A. A Cultural History of the United States. San Diego: Lucent Books, Inc., 1999. Torr, James D. The 1980’s: America’s Decade. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, Inc., 2000. Wright, David. America In The 20th Century. North Bellmore: Marshall Cavendish Corporation,

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