1973 Chile Case Study

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Chile 1973 Salvadore Allende was elected President of Chile in 1970 and ran a socialist government. President Nixon fear that Chile could possibly became another Cuba which followed the Soviet example of Communism. The United States cut off most foreign aid to Chile and supported Allende’s opponents during his presidency. Nixon wanted a coupe by any means necessary to overthrow the Marxist government of Allende. Nixon was quoted in de-classified CIA documents as saying “make their economy scream (in Chile to) prevent Allende from coming to power or to unseat him.” The United States main goal was to get rid of the Marxist government and they had two approaches. The first was Track 1. Track 1 was to persuade Chilean congress to confirm Jorge Allesandri as…show more content…
The US never directly intervened, but helped to stir the pot. In August of 1973 the Supreme Court publicly complained about Allende and his inability to enforce the law of the land. On the 22nd, National Party members of The Chamber of of Deputies and Christian Democrats voted 81 to 47 for the resolution titled “The Declaration of the Breakdown of Chile’s Democracy” which accused Allende of setting up a totalitarian government. He was accused of refusing to enforce judicial decisions against government allies, illegally limiting emigration, illegal repression of El Tienle miner’s strike, and shutting out anti government media. On September 11, 1973 a military coupe occurred. The heads of all the major branches of the Chilean military went against Allende. The only support he still had were the police, but since all phone lines were cut he assumed he still had some support from the military. At the sight of the military storming his stronghold he commited suicide and General Auguste Pinochet assumed power until
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