1964 Essay

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The year was 1964, The Vietnam war was in full swing, the civil right movement was in its infancy and John F. Kennedy had been assassinated less than a year prior. This year was also an election year where the Incumbent democratic President Lyndon Johnson would be battling for re-election against a deeply divided Republican party. On one side, you had the moderate republican faction who was strongly conservative on social issues. On the other side, you had the libertarian faction, which sought to reduce the size of government, lower taxes and return the power to the states. This fundamental divide would be the ultimate cause of one of the largest landslide victories in presidential election history. The Democratic Nominating Process The Democratic nomination was certain for Lyndon Johnson, having become president after John F. Kennedy’s death. The hope was that LBJ would carry the popularity and spirit of the Kennedy Presidency all the way to The White House. The only candidate who made any attempt to run against the incumbent president was Alabama governor George Wallace. He ran on a segregationist platform and was only on the ballot in some states. He had moderate success in some states, but it ultimately did not affect the Johnson nomination as the Democratic Candidate. The largest concern amongst democrats would be whom President Johnson would pick to be his running mate. The obvious choice was the late President’s younger brother and then current U.S. Attorney Robert Kennedy. The issue with this was that the two men had a personal distaste for each other. This resentment stemmed back to when Robert Kennedy tried to prevent his brother from picking Lyndon Johnson as his running mate. Despite this, Kennedy made moves to force Johnson to accept him as his running mate. Johnson feared that Kennedy would use his speaking time at the Democratic National

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